Real Estate Recruiting Solutions was designed as the ultimate solution for Brokers, Office Managers and Real Estate recruiters looking to automate their real estate recruiting efforts. It was the missing piece in the puzzle. Agents wanted to find new brokers, and brokers needed new agents, but traditional job boards simply didn't work. Realtors wanted the ability to search for a new broker anonymously - to be able to pick and choose who they wanted to interview with, and Brokers simply wanted an answer to the question:

 "Which agents in my area are looking to make a move?

And that's exactly what does. We agressively market to Realtors across the U.S. on multiple channels so that when they think of looking for a new real estate broker, they think of us. We then offer them the opportunity to talk anonymously with area brokers until they decide it's time to meet in person. Think of it as Internet Dating for real estate professionals.

It's simple. It's inexpensive compared to traditional real estate recruiting efforts. And it works.